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  • Mission Statement

    The Civilian Operations maintains the realism within each and every roleplay scenario. These elite Members carry their roles by actively acting to another level while having the ability to maintain a mature environment. The civilians can either play the good side of the law or the bad! 

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  • Chain of Command

    Director - Yelisey C.

    Deputy Director - Cole H.

    Manager- Vacant

  • Subdivisions & Owned Businesses

    San Andreas Flight Administration: The San Andreas Flight Administration (SAFA) is the governing body over all things aviation. Not only do we train and test new aviators, but we also put laws into place for airports, and air space, as well as investigate aircraft accidents and incidents.

    24/7: The 24/7 Stores are a chain of convenience stores in the State of San Andreas. Serving the residents and working members of the state, 24/7 offers food, drink, and other essential items at a low price.

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