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  • What we have to Offer:

    In the San Andreas State Police and GSRPC as a whole we are focused on Realism, Respect and Activity. Our Troopers are held to a very high standard and are respectable members of our family here at GSRPC. The San Andreas State Police is a very fun and equal department give us a chance and apply today you will not be disappointed!

  • Message from the Director: 
    Hello, I am Director Damien. I have been with the State Police for around 5 years. The San Andreas State Police has given me the honor of being able to serve as the Director which lets me see over the 4 different districts of our troopers. I am committed to helping my troopers and the citizens of San Andreas. The biggest thing is Safety, as a Senior Flag Officer, I enforce safety as being the top priority whether you are a trooper or a citizen of San Andreas. I thank the state of San Andreas and the citizens for letting me hold my important position and I will uphold my promise to keep the department running smoothly.

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